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The pages are blank and open for you to begin sharing your thoughts. I will pray for you.

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  1. Hello, I would like prayer to have an Unwavering faith, discernment, recognizing God’s voice and understanding the manner and different ways in which he speaks.

    Also pray for my family that Unforgiveness will leave and God will restore their love for one another but specifically for him.

    For Barbados, that a revival will happen.

    1. Thank you Haile for your request. I want to remind you, that as you have acted in FAITH by stating your requests you must also believe it is finished. As you believe I want you to know there is an ARMY praying with you and behind you, you are not forsaken. The burden is NOT yours to carry, there is an ARMY OF ANGELS SURROUNDING YOU IN THIS MOMENT AND AS YOU SLEEP. Bless God and give him thanks for the RESTORATION THAT WILL FALL UPON YOUR LOVED ONES BELOVED.

    2. Read the word the word is where God speaks, as you worship you’ll hear his whisper, as you pray you’ll feel his nudge and hear his words. Read the word of God that is where time must be spent the most as you desire to hear God more. Much love to you and continue to stay encouraged because 1. You are not forsaken and 2 I am here praying for your victory.

  2. Prayer request:
    Pray for the blog ministry to succeed, to prosper to ignite fires within people’s souls and spirits.
    Pray for the ministry and speaking you will share on Friday night. Pray for the boldness the Holy Spirit alone can bring.
    Pray for the opening up of speaking and being honest in groups etc
    Pray for leadership in different ways
    Pray for the play uncle Neil ask to write
    Pray for ministry with Uncle Neil

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